rock on V2


Version 2 of the rock on, a 66 key MX/choc pcb with support for per key leds, cirque trackpad, oled, rotary encoders, pimoroni trackball, and haptic feedback (v2.2)

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So, have you read about the v1 Rock On? Click here to read that first.

Now, let’s note the differences below:

  • New features:
    • Now supports both choc V1 and MX switches on the same pcb!
    • Pimoroni trackball support (No case support for this in the V2 case, but will add support to the V1 case upon request)
    • EC11 and EVQ rotary encoders support (EVQ only in the bottom center)
    • Pimoroni Haptic Feedback (v2.2 only)
  • This pcb now supports the cirque trackpad, kit available as an add on

Otherwise, same keyboard!

To make this a complete kit, remember to also add:

Optional components:

Important notes:

  • If you are using a nice!nano for this build, you cannot use rotary encoders. There is enough gpio on an elite-c (or equivalent), but not on the nice!nano
  • At the time of publishing this page (May 14th, 2022), there is a known issue with Cirque and AVR based MCUs. So, if you plan on using the Cirque, you cannot use a pro micro or an elite-c. An example of a processor that will work this is the STeMcell, since it uses an STM32 processor. I have these available as add-ons, so please be sure to purchase one if you plan on using the Cirque.




Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 31 × 16 × 0.2 cm

v2.1, v2.2