faux fox keyboard (ffkb) v3


A hotswap (MX / Choc v1) 36 or 42 key column stagger keyboard with support for wireless, per key leds, rotary encoders, 34mm trackball, and a cirque trackpad.

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This is a 36 or 42 key with column stagger and kailh hotswap support (outer columns can be broken off).

Main features:

  • Hotswap only
  • Per key led support (SK6812 mini-e)
  • MX or choc on the same pcb!
  • A rotary encoder under each hand (support for the evqwgd001 and EC11)
  • In the center, supports a 34mm trackball or a cirque trackpad

To make this a complete kit, remember to also add:

  • faux fox keyboard v2 case or faux fox keyboard v3 case
    • The v2 case is intended for the v2 pcb, however the v2 cirque trackpad case is completely compatible with the v3 pcb
    • If you are using the trackball, you will need to get the v3 case
    • If you want to print yourself, case files are available in the fingerpunch github repo
  • hotswap sockets (4 sets if building a 36 key, 5 sets if building a 42 key)
  • a controller (see controller section below)

Optional components:

Controller support:

  • Nothing AVR is supported! So, do not try to use this pcb with a Pro Mico or Elite-C
  • STeMCell (tested, available as an add on)
  • Splinky (untested, but should work)
  • KB2040 (untested, but should work)
  • Blok (untested, but should work)
  • nice!nano for wireless (tested, but you are limited to ZMK firmware features)


  1. This listing is for the PCB only, which comes with all diodes and the reset switch pre-soldered onto the board. If you’d like any of the other components or case, please go to the product pages to add them separately.
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 11 × 1 cm