faux fox keyboard (ffkb) v4


An ergonomic 36 or 42 key keyboard with integrated RP2040, integrated 2 port usb hub, support for 3 switch types (MX / Choc v1 / KS-27 / KS-33), per key leds, 34mm trackball, cirque trackpad, haptic feedback, and a pre-soldered audio buzzer!

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This is a 36 or 42 key unibody keyboard with column stagger and VIK support.

Main features:

  • Support for the VIK interface. See this github page for details.
  • Integrated RP2040 controller
  • Integrated 2 port USB hub
    • Center USB is the main input, and other two to the right are for additional devices
  • 4, 8, or 16 MB storage (depending on flash availability)
  • Per key led support (SK6812 mini-e)
  • MX, choc, and KS-27/KS-33 switch support (hotswap only)
  • A rotary encoder under each hand (support for the evqwgd001 and EC11)
  • Audio buzzer (pre-soldered on the PCB)
  • Haptic feedback support ( https://shop.pimoroni.com/en-us/products/drv2605l-linear-actuator-haptic-breakout )
  • Supports a 34mm trackball or a cirque trackpad without a VIK module
  • Break out pins for
    • GP16
    • USB-C pins (in case your port breaks, you can fix it!)
    • SPI pins
    • I2C pins
    • LED pins (allowing you to add your own led features, like led rings or led strips for underglow)
    • Power pins (3v3, 5v, and GND)

Cases are open source, and available here:

To make this a complete kit, you will need:

  • A ffkb v4 case
    • Not available for sale here yet, but see the fingerpunch github repository for stls
  • hotswap sockets (4 sets if building a 36 key, 5 sets if building a 42 key)
    • If you want to use KS-27 or KS-33 switches, you will need to get the hotswap sockets elsewhere

Optional components:


  • This listing is for the PCB only
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 13 × 0.2 cm