User Builds

Board comparison matrix

* Aggressive column stagger means that the distance offset in the Y axis between the columns is larger, most notably the pinky columns. This is ideal if you have more variation in the length of your fingers.
* Light column stagger is the opposite of the aggressive column stagger. If your fingers are closer to the same length, and you have a larger than average pinky, this may be more suitable.
** MX and Choc support are separate PCBs
*** There are different pcbs based on the MCU support. One for byo-mcu (pro-micro, elite-c, nice!nano), one for the WeAct Blackpill, and one for integrated MCU (atmega32u4)
**** There is a known issue with the Cirque Trackpad running on AVR based MCUs. STeMcell or WeAct Blackpill are recommended if you plan on using this feature.