faux fox keyboard acrylic case


A versatile stacked acrylic case for the faux fox keyboard (ffkb)

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Unlike the rest of the products on the site, this one was created and will be fulfilled by TomYum

Please do not order this product here. This is listed to give you the info, and to inform you of the price set by TomYum. To order, please message TomYum#0193 on Discord and he will work with you to edit and customize the case to fit your planned build. Please provide the options as specified below.

The following acrylic colors are available:

  • opaque white
  • opaque black
  • frosted
  • clear

The current options for center are:

  • No center feature
  • Rotary encoder (ffkb v1 and v2 only)
  • Modular

The options for the under palm encoders are:

  • Left encoder: yes/no
  • Right encoder: yes/no

If you choose the modular option, there are 3D printable stls that you can print and attach to the case (as shown in the trackball build on the primary photo). These are available here if you want to print them yourself:

If using the trackball, you will also need the following to hold the trackball in place. With this trackball housing, it needs three 4mm balls, which is described on this page.

Also note: if there is a feature for the modular case you’d like to add, message sadekbaroudi#1258 on discord, and I’ll be happy to design it and add it to the repository.