A reversible 42 or 36 key split keyboard with loads of features and hackability

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The name Lua is Portuguese for moon (not affiliated with the programming language).

Do you like the layout of the faux fox keyboard (ffkb), but want a split? Well, look no further! This is directly modeled after that, and includes most of the same features. It’s a reversible split 42 OR 36 key with the following features:

  • 6th column can be broken off to make this a 36 key split board
  • Per key LEDs (SK6812 mini-e)
  • MX switch support
    • get those mill max sockets, because unlike most fingerpunch boards, this one is not hotswap enabled
  • EC11 rotary encoders under the palms
  • Pimoroni trackball footprint on the inside edge
    • The fingerpunch case does not have a way to mount it, so you’ll need to devise your own
  • SparkFun qwiic and Adafruit stemma connector
    • Access the I2C on your controller and hack away with whatever feature you want!
  • Wireless support with a JST connector and on/off switch footprint
    • Bring that nice!nano and rid yourself of cables
  • Note that this uses plate mount switches

Comes with 2 pcbs. In order to complete this build, you’ll need:

  • 44, 42, 38, or 36 diodes (depends on whether you use 5 or 6 columns and if you use the rotary encoders)
  • 42 or 36 keyswitches and keycaps
  • 2 pro micro, elite-c, nice!nano, or equivalent
  • 2 TRRS jacks
  • a case
  • 42 or 36 SK6812 mini-e leds (optional)
  • reset switches (optional)


  • This listing is for the PCB only. If you’d like any of the other components or case, please go to the product pages to add them separately.
  • Although this supports the Pimoroni Trackball, it is not recommended if you are using wireless. The Pimoroni consumes lot of battery, and will drain it at an unreasonable rate
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Dimensions 100 × 140 × 0.32 cm