rock on V3


Version 3.1 of the rock on, a 69 key MX/choc pcb with support for per key leds, trackball, cirque trackpad, 3 rotary encoders, and haptic feedback support.

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So, have you read about the v2.1 Rock On? Click here to read that first.

Now, let’s note the differences below:

  • New features:
    • Trackball support!
    • 3 more keys at the bottom center
    • 1 additional encoder at the bottom center
    • Pimoroni Haptic Feedback (v3.1 only)
    • Audio support (v3.1 only, pre-soldered on board)
  • Removed features:
    • Pimoroni trackball
    • OLED

To make this a complete kit, remember to also add:

Optional components:

Controller support:

  • Nothing AVR is supported! So, do not try to use this pcb with a Pro Mico or Elite-C
  • STeMCell (tested, available as an add on)
  • Splinky (untested, but should work)
  • KB2040 (untested, but should work)
  • Blok (untested, but should work)
  • nice!nano for wireless
    • untested, but by request, I’ll write the ZMK firmware for you. Note that this will not support the trackpad or trackball as they aren’t supported in ZMK as of this writing (2022-10-07)

Important notes:

  • If you are using a nice!nano for this build, you cannot use the center rotary encoder. There is enough gpio on an elite-c equivalent, but not on the nice!nano
  • If you use a controller with a Pro Micro compatible footprint (as opposed to an Elite-C compatible footprint), you cannot use any rotary encoders
    • Examples of Pro Micro compatible footprints: KB2040, Blok
    • Examples of Elite-C compatible footprints: STeMCell, Splinky




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Dimensions 31 × 16 × 0.2 cm

v3, v3.1