faux fox keyboard (ffkb)


A hotswap 36 or 42 key with column stagger keyboard with support for wireless, per key leds, OLED, rotary encoders, and pimoroni trackball.

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This is a 36 or 42 key with column stagger and kailh hotswap support (outer columns can be broken off). There are four versions of this pcb:

  • MX byo-mcu
  • MX integrated atmega32u4
  • Choc PG1350 byo-mcu (MX spacing)
  • Choc PG1350 atmega32u4 (MX spacing)

The byo-mcu version allows you to use any pro micro compatible MCU. Note that in order to get access to the rotary encoders under the palms, you will need an elite-c, since the pro micro does not have enough pins. However, the center feature is available on the pro micro. This version also supports the nice!nano, meaning you can use it for a wireless build. The board supports a JST connector for the battery, along with an on/off switch.

The integrated MCU supports all features, and comes with the MCU pre-soldered onto the board, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing your own MCU.

Main features:
* Hotswap only
* Per key led support (SK6812 mini-e)
* MX or choc support (different pcbs)
* A rotary encoder under each hand (support for the evqwgd001 and EC11)
* In the center, supports 128×64 OLED, Pimoroni Trackball (PIM447), or another EC11 rotary encoder
* 3 different types of cases available


  • This listing is for the PCB only, which comes with all diodes and the reset switch pre-soldered onto the board. If you’d like any of the other components or case, please go to the product pages to add them separately.
  • Although this supports the Pimoroni Trackball, it is not recommended if you are using wireless. The Pimoroni consumes lot of battery, and will drain it at an unreasonable rate
Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 24 × 11 × 1 cm

byo-mcu (Elite-C / nice!nano / Pro Micro Footprint), Integrated Atmega32U4

Switch Type

Low Profile (choc PG1350, MX spacing), MX